Group Hands


I’ve been working with Sadani one-on-one for over three years now, and have been amazed at the level of knowledge and skill she has at adapting yoga and other healing philosophies into practical methods for me to use day to day. But it’s her ability to understand and guide me on a personal level, and the level of genuineness and caring she has for everyone that sees her, that really sets her apart. I can’t recommend her enough, and am grateful to have her as a teacher!
– Vik Vad

I am no stranger to physical therapy sessions, visits to orthopedists, chiropractors, massage therapists and Airrosti, the past 20 years. Nearly all of those treatment types involved pain and did not hone in on what was the root cause of my issues.
Sadani’s methods of treatment seem magical in their simplicity. Her experience gives her the ability to see why I am having pain and weakness, and then develop a therapy plan that strengthens those areas in an easy to follow set of movements and stretches for a home practice.
Most of my life I’ve practiced the antithesis of Ahimsa and now, with Sadani’s help, I am working toward being kind to myself and learning how to get stronger and more flexible without overworking and doing harm. Her manner, in giving instruction and imparting knowledge about the body, brings a sense that you’re in the right place for fulfilling your needs.

Dorothea (Dottie) Stockstill

I have worked with Sadani for approximately three years. She is
the most knowledgeable Yoga teacher I have ever had the privilege
of working with. She not only has enormous depth of expertise
in the vast field of yoga teachings but she also effectively
communicates her knowledge with great sensitivity and compassion.
Sadani is also highly skilled in working with students with injuries and
physical limitations. She has helped me increase my flexibility, heal
existing injuries and learn to adapt my yoga practice to maximize
it’s functional benefit to my particular body conditions.

I have studied with her privately as well as experienced her teaching
in small and large group classes. Her classes incorporate her
creativity while sharing her diverse and deep knowledge in the field
of bodywork and Yoga. Her capacity to connect with her students
and leave those in her class feeling more peaceful and aware is

I highly recommend her as a teacher and mentor for anyone
seeking to improve their well-being and flexibility, become a yoga teacher or deepen their personal practice.