Choosing a yoga teacher can be challenging but rest assured Sadani Yoga will provide you with safety, knowledge, inspiration, motivation and fun!

Sadani’s creative approach to personal yoga therapy is supported by her years of yoga training and teaching, personal study and experience working with clients. She is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health and happiness in their life. Sadani uses personal inquiry, exploration, experimentation, focusing, adaptations and practice to create an in-depth yoga practice for at-home practice. Viniyoga therapy helps those individuals seeking pain relief to reduce pain, come to better know themselves and improve the overall quality of their lives. She often weaves powerful, healing vibration of sound into personal yoga therapy sessions.

Sadani’s services include:

• Individualized Instruction
• Teacher Training
• Workshops
• Retreats


• Compassionate and enthusiastic presence
• Passionate toward helping others achieve optimal health and happiness in their lives
• Informed and supported by years of yoga training, teaching, personal study and therapeutic experience
• Personal inquiry, exploration, experimentation, focusing, adaptations, energy balancing
• Create an in-depth personal yoga practice for at-home