As a certified yoga instructor Sadani is passionate about practicing yoga therapy with those want relief, freedom and inspiration. Concentrating on yoga adapted appropriately for the individual, Sadani loves the experiment and the exploration; the adventures of watching something unfold or change; seeing the connection. The ultimate in inquiry, experiment, exploration, witnessing, connection – change!

After a challenging childhood and marriage, holistic counseling, massage therapy school and studying at Esalen Institute in California all were part of “reclaiming her zider-zee”. She learned from the struggles and pain of recovery and worked hard to become conscious, awake and present. The road was arduous but she knows healing is possible. Change is inevitable, but we can influence the direction of that change.
With humility, authenticity and dedication, Sadani Yoga can become your instrument of change!

Sometimes we all take ourselves way too seriously. Self judgment can get in the way of being fully present, free and enjoying life. Sadani wants to help others discover the importance of playfulness, spontaneity and balance in their lives.
She wants others to catch the “fun” bug and let the self judgment drop away, so this winter she is leading a workshop called “HOOPIN’ It UP with YOGA”. Sounds like fun!


• Compassionate and enthusiastic presence
• Passionate toward helping others achieve optimal health and happiness in their lives
• Informed and supported by years of yoga training, teaching, personal study and therapeutic experience
• Personal inquiry, exploration, experimentation, focusing, adaptations, energy balancing
• Create an in-depth personal yoga practice for at-home

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